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Pomegranate seed oil

The pomegranate tree, also called grenadine, is an ancient crop plant. Its large, bright red-orange fruits are covered with a leather skin and include several, filled with pea-sized, surrounded by red pulp, seed compartments. Today the pomegranate is cultivated in all tropical and subtropical countries, but also appreciated in Europe as ornamental tree in sheltered areas. It is a precious oil: From 100 kg pomegranates only 500ml of oil are obtained. Pomegranate seed oil is an excellent facial oil for dry, aging and damaged skin beacuse of the high content of phytoestrogens and the high antioxidant activity of punicic. It is primarily used as an active ingredient in combination with other oils. It promotes cell proliferation (formation of cells), increased elasticity of the skin and the tissue regeneration. Its anti-inflammatory effect supports the maintenance of atopic, eczematous and sun-damaged skin.

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