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Apricot Kernel Oil

The apicot tree possibly originated from china and got to Italy during ancient times. The fruit seeds contain about 40-50% bright yellow oil, which is used not only cosmetically but also appreciated as a fine edible oil. The apricot kernel oil used cosmetically comes primarily from the bitter seeds of wild apricot. Its high oleic acid content makes it a relatively stable to oxidation, which often used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical aplications. Apricot kernel oil is well tolerated by sensitive skin. Due to its mildness, it is an ideal oil for baby care and can also be used pure (eg, as a make-up remover). Apricot oil has a smoothing effect, due to the dominant ammount of oleic acid. Recipes with apricot oil are similar due to the similar fatty acid spectrum with those almond oil, but have a slightly lighter consistency by the tendency of a higher proportion of linoleic acid. Apricot kernel oil is a very nice oil for light moisturizers.

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