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    The aloe used in the aloe vera products is mainly grown in large plantations in South America. The naturally growing aloe is under the protection. The external use of aloe vera has "rejuvenating" effect. It tightens the skin and supplies it with all the essential nutrients. The first records of the use of aloe vera come from ancient Egypt and India. Cleopatra already valued the juice of the plant for its beauty and skin care. Also in Asia, aloe was used for its effects on health and Beauty. Aloe is has not only soothing, but also nourishing properties. Because of its cosmetic effect, aloe vera juice is also used in skin care products. In traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda, aloe vera is considered to be rejuvenating. Even in the Chinese cultures, the plant is highly appreciated. The juice of the aloe vera has both moisturizing and protective effects. The juice has a unique combination of active ingredients, which should also help with eczema and allergic reactions.

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