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Genuine organic cosmetics, designed and manufactured in France in compliance with the  highest technical and ecological standards. The products combine the latest developments with traditional bio cosmetics in a perfect way.
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How natural are natural cosmetics?

The peculiarity of natural cosmetics can already be found in their name: "Nature". The unique combination of effective gifts of nature becomes a sophisticated product that is good for you and your environment.

But how natural are such cosmetics?

First of all, it's useful to know that the terms "organic cosmetics" or "natural cosmetics" are not legally protected. That is, each cosmetics manufacturer may use the terms for marketing purposes, even though the products do not comply with the general understanding of sustainable, eco-friendly and natural cosmetics. Therefore, look for “Natural” and “Organic” seals. Depending on the seal, they guarantee biological cultivation of ingredients, the use of Fair Trade products or no animal testing. All products sold by Love Me Green in our own natural cosmetics online shop have been awarded the international Ecocert seal for organic cosmetics.

Ecocert distributes two seals for natural cosmetic products. The label "organic cosmetics" guarantees that at least 95 per cent of the ingredients are plant-based and that at least 10 percent of the total ingredients come from organic farming (in weight). The label "natural cosmetics" is awarded to products that have at least 50 percent of herbal ingredients, of which at least 5 percent comes from organic farming (in weight). All the products in our online shop fulfill or exceed the standard of “organic cosmetics” set by ECOCERT Greenlife.

Paraffins, silicones and other synthetic materials are thus excluded from the start. If you are unsure, just look at the list of ingredients which is printed on the packaging for each product. The less chemical names are listed, the greater the likelihood that you are holding "real" natural cosmetics in your hands.

Take a look at, for example, the “Radiance Face Cream” from Love me Green. Its ingredients include natural products such as shea butter, camelina oil, papaya extract and royal jelly extract. It also has the Ecocert label.

Another tip: When applying the products you can spot the difference between natural and conventional cosmetics. Shampoos for example, that work on the basis of natural ingredients, foam less than conventional products.

Here at Love Me Green, not only the products but also our company and the suppliers of our ingredients are certified and are regularly inspected by ECOCERT Greenlife. The fact that we committed ourselves to PETA and conduct no animal testing is for us self-evident.

Natural Cosmetics Online Shop, shipping from Germany

To us, customer satisfaction is very important. Therefore the orders are automatically processed in Germany.  We work closely with DHL and all our orders are immediately transferred for shipping in Hannover Laatzen. This allows your order to be processed without a delay; we will deliver quickly and in a simple manner to your home. Orders reaching us until 10:00 A.M. leave the facility on the same day. Otherwise they are sent out on the next business day.

A sustainable approach is very important to us, therefore we do not use unnecessary packaging. All the packaging of our Love Me Green Biocosmetics is recycle-able. Also, we deem it important for our suppliers to comply with environmental standards. This is done through regular checks by ECOCERT Greenlife.

Buying organic cosmetics online offers many benefits. You can choose the products in peace and inform yourself about the advantages. The online shop is open 24 hours every day, just for you, and the goods come quickly to your home. The certification by ECOCERT Greenlife guarantees genuine natural cosmetics from the ingredients to the final product. Love Me Green natural cosmetics online - certified natural cosmetics made in France.

Certified Natural Cosmetics - confidence “Natural” Seal

Natural cosmetics are a wonderful thing - for you, your skin and your environment. They must not only meet the high standards which the customers require for the daily use of the products, but also be friendly for the environment. Often, many years of intensive research precede the publication of a new product. We at Love Me Green do everything to ensure that you and the environment are satisfied with our products. "Organic" is with us no empty promise - and we certify this. In Germany, the terms "organic” cosmetics or "natural" cosmetics are not protected by law, but may be used by the manufacturer for the free promotion of their products. Nevertheless, in order to ensure the environmental performance of products, independent natural cosmetics seals come into play. They show you beyond a shadow of doubt, what products really do deserve the term "natural cosmetics". There are a number of seals which you can trust when buying your cosmetics. They check and guarantee natural ingredients used in the production, whether the raw materials were grown organically, and even whether animal testing was used during the development of the cosmetics. Check both statements of the manufacturers as well as the finished product. There are quite a number of known, trusted certificates and seals. We at Love Me Green let our products be checked by one of the strictest agencies in the sector. Therefore we are very proud that our products bear the international Ecocert label. Ecocert has been working with natural cosmetics for 20 years. The organization was founded in 1991 in France by agricultural economists who have understood that it's time for environmentally friendly agriculture and the sustainable use of nature. Since its founding, Ecocert has specialized in the certification of organic products. The independent organization is currently the largest inspection and certification association in Europe. Ecocert has representatives in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Since 2000, even cosmetics are controlled. Ecocert checks not only the production. Factors such as Fair Trade and environmental protection are involved too. They have two seals: "Ecological and biological cosmetics" (at least 95 percent of the total ingredients come from natural origin, at least 10 percent of which organically grown), this is the standard by which the natural cosmetics of Love Me Green certified; and "Natural cosmetics "(at least 50 percent of the total ingredients from natural origin, 5 percent of which organically grown).

If you want to order natural cosmetics, can you be sure that you'll find only "real" natural cosmetics in the natural cosmetics shop of Love Me Green.

Natural cosmetics without parabens - why?

This raises first the question why would you ever find parabens in cosmetic products. The answer is simple - in order to preserve the products. Of course, cosmetic products must have a certain durability and the same applies for natural cosmetics. Since parabens are inexpensive and have good antibacterial properties, they are used as cheap preservatives. So what's the problem with parabens? There first is the fact that the European Union (EU) has regulated all important topics for cosmetics in the so-called EU Cosmetics Directive. This regulation basically allows parabens. So no problem? Well, yes - there are other voices. Primarily, parabens are similar to the female hormone estrogen and when we apply such cosmetics on our skin, these substances are absorbed. Generally, our body does not need these hormones. But here the statement applies, the amount makes the poison. And there is the first problem. Hormonal substances are not only in cosmetics but also in UV filters of some sun creams or in some hair dyes, etc. This results in a cocktail with effects which are difficult to assess. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment said, quote: "A general use of parabens in cosmetics is senseless." Very clear is the association for the conservation of nature. Here they got very busy with the subject and analyzed it in detail. Quote: "They are usually not acutely toxic, but can interfere with important developmental processes. A study commissioned by the European Commission ties parabens with premature puberty in girls, diseases of the female reproductive system, breast cancer, thyroid cancer and disorders of the nervous development. Particularly sensitive to hormonal pollutants are fetuses in the womb, infants and pubescent." There are good reasons to get rid of parabens in cosmetics.

How do natural cosmetics solve this problem?

It is important first that the term natural cosmetics is not protected. Therefore, you're only on the safe side if you use certified natural cosmetics, for example, by ECOCERT. Here in ECOCERT, the use of parabens is prohibited and products are controlled. Since the main reason for parabens is preservation, they are omitted by changes in the recipe and of course the production process. A well-chosen pH can help or alcohol as with perfumes. However, alcohol has the property that it dries out the skin, so it can be mixed with the product only in small doses. ECOCERT checks especially for preservatives, approved materials are of course much more expensive than parabens. Very important is also the manufacturing process. Here it must be ensured that not even the slightest contamination occurs. When only small amounts of preservatives are added, ECOCERT controls even the cleaners in the production and bottling. In any case, natural cosmetics is trust. And you're on the safe side if you avoid parabens and use certified natural cosmetics.

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