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Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics

Our ancestors in ancient times knew already that nature possesses the power to nourish, to heal and to make Your skin and hair appear beautiful. Modern people, however, seem to have forgotten about these truths, blinded by modern, technological developments. Luckily, one can observe a paradigm change in this respect: In recent years, more and more people have realised their error. Now they try to live in harmony with nature again. Using only natural cosmetic products is part of this new lifestyle.

Your skin and hair can suffer from stress – just like You. They have to cope with air and water pollution, lack of sleep, as well as from a poor diet and artificially produced cosmetic products. Your skin hardly ever gets the essential nutrients to be able to function; Your hair is dry and dull until it finally breaks and sheds.

Bio cosmetic products on the other hand make sure that both Your skin and Your hair get the essential nutrients they need. They encourage natural processes of the skin (like healing, regenerating, etc.) without disturbing Your natural biorhythm. The aim is to stimulate Your skin into starting these processes independently whenever it needs them. This is the reason why the users of our products may have to wait longer than they are used to until they see the first effects. Contrary to products off the shelf, our bio-products need a little bit more time. The advantage: The effect will last far longer.

Producing these natural bio-cosmetic products, we use ingredients of botanical and mineral origin (at least 95 percent of all ingredients). The standards for Love Me Green-products are even higher: 98 to 100 percent! Studies have shown that these substances contain way less substances that trigger allergies. Moreover, these ingredients are more likely to be accepted by Your skin – much better than care products that are entirely made of synthetically produced ingredients. The advantage for Your health, when You use products by Love Me Green stems from the fact that our products contain ingredients of purely natural origin, such as herbal extracts and butter, plant oil, scents and blossom nectar. They do not interfere with natural processes in Your body and skin – in contrast, they enhance their effect. A silicone free shampoo, for example, is a cornucopia full of active, natural nutrients for Your hair.

You can be absolutely sure that the products by Love Me Green do not contain any potentially dangerous substances that will affect Your health, such as synthetic preservatives or mineral oils. This is way they are suitable for babies and children as well. Natural cosmetics are not only good for Your skin, but has positive effects on the environment as well. It is in our interest that the environmental damage that occurs during the production of our products is as small as possible. We do not test our products on animals and our bottles, cans and packing materials are recyclable. In order to lower the shipping costs from Costa Rica, we have our products produced in France. ECOCERT guarantees that the standards in our laboratories are maintained.

You should use products by Love Me Green if You want to lead a life in harmony with nature and if want only the best that nature can offer for Your body and skin.

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