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2015-06-25 09:37:34 https://love-me-green.com/article/index/view/id/43/
Biocosmetics – natural body care just one click away

Biocosmetics – natural body care just one click away

The new technologies offer new possibilities: You can relax at home, sit in Your favourite armchair and enjoy a pleasant cup of tea or coffee. At the same time You can shop online. The internet supplies various possibilities to buy things cheaper, faster and with more convenience. But our shop has far more advantages than just these three:


Cosmetics without secret ingredients

Our cosmetic-shop offers over a dozen natural cosmetic products which contain only ingredients of natural origin, such as natural aromas and oils. Additionally, You can find detailed information about these ingredients. Every single substance, as well as it effects and functions, is described accurately. This way You can easily check if this product is suitable for Your needs and purposes. We also supply information about the scents of our products. This way You can make sure that Your choose Your favourite one.


Effects  and Application

Our online shop informs You about the effect our products will have on Your skin and if they are suitable for You or not. We also explain how to use them so that You have optimal results. All the information is structured and designed in a clear and understandable manner. This way You can find the relevant information quicker and enjoy Your shopping experience even more.


Handy Shopping Carts

Our websites inform You about the price and the size (in millilitre) of Your chosen product. You will also find a variety of pictures. This way we make sure that You know exactly what You are buying. If You choose to buy one product You click on it. It then appears in Your shopping cart. You can exchange or delete Your choice at any time You wish – with just one click You can change Your opinion and delete or add a product. Your order will be processed quickly and efficiently. Having chosen Your favourite products, there is only one thing left to do for You: choose the most comfortable way in which You would like to pay for the products You have selected. We guarantee safe online payment and a fast delivery – the products will come to Your home in the promised time.




Customer´s Opinion

We know that new customers are interested in knowing the opinions of other customers who have already ordered our products in order to share their experiences. If You want to share Your thoughts on one of our products with other customers, in order to enable them to come a decision whether or not they should buy a particular product, You are very welcomed to do so. You will find it possible to comment on our products underneath every article.



It happens that our customers look for a special product. Maybe You are interested in its application or in its function? This is why our online shop is constructed the way it is. Click on “Application” if You want to know about our facial care products without parabens, body or hair care products. But You also have the option to categorise the products according to their effect: You can choose between cleansing, moisturizing or regenerating cosmetics, as well as intensive day and night care products.


Everything just one click away

You find all information You need on our websites and the online shop. Now You can lay back in Your favourite armchair, enjoy a pleasant cup of tea or coffee, and order Your favourite cosmetic products – all that with just one click. This is the simple way to buy natural cosmetic products online. 

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