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SLS free Shampoo/Silicone free Shampoo

SLS free Shampoo/Silicone free Shampoo

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let your hair down” – this fairy tale by the brothers Grimm is surely part of every child’s reading experience. In this story, hair has an powerful, even mythical importance – just as in Your daily life in the 21st century. Hair has become a powerful symbol of our society: it symbolises power, health and beauty. Additionally, it has a very strong psychological component: It is no accident that future top models cry on television when they have their hair cut.

Shampoo is indispensable in order to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. It eliminates dirt and sebum and gives your hair its shine and strength back. However, not every shampoo is suitable for Your hair. It is often the case that shampoos off the shelf contain artificial chemical products which ballast Your hair unnecessarily. Parabenes are a good example for the unpleasant side effects that occur. They are said to interfere with the work of certain enzymes. Moreover, they are believed to cause cancer. The effects of another chemical product Your shampoo contains, namely Silicons are just as bad. They are responsible for creating some sort of cover over every single hair. This per se is a desirable effect since it makes your hair reflect the light in a more beautiful way. However, if you apply this shampoo more often, it creates some kind of “build up”-effect: Silicone layer over silicone layer it encloses your hair. The result is airtight, heavy hair. Your hair is now unlikely to absorb nourishing ingredients or dyers. This results in ugly, patchy staining - not to mention the disastrous effects silicons have on the environment. They are not bio-degradable and, because of their seize, go back to rivers, lakes and finally the groundwater without having been filtered out. The shampoos you can purchase by Love Me Green, e.g. shampoo without silicones, do not contain silicones. This way you save the environment and the beauty of your hair!

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