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Genuine natural cosmetics

Love Me Green is an independent organic cosmetics brand.

Love Me Green stands for certified, high-quality organic cosmetics.

In addition to the effectiveness of our products, we pay particular attention to their environmental impact. Our company and our products are certified by ECOCERT Green life therefore they correspond to the ECOCERT bio-cosmetics standard.

All our products are vegetarian, some even vegan. But even if we use animal products such as beeswax, honey, or royal jelly, they are all monitored and ECOCERT Green life conditions are met: "There can be neither parts of the animal, nor shall their extraction stress the animals or result in pain or death of the animal. They must be produced naturally.” This is guaranteed by ECOCERT Green life.

In addition we entirely avoid the usage of micro plastic and thus avoid additional pollution of the seas.

The production facilities of our cosmetics, so the laboratory and manufacturing in France, are certified by ISO 9001, ECOCERT and NOP (National Organic Program). Here we draw on long experience. We produce exclusively in Provence, one of the cleanest regions of France. Our packages are produced in Europe, and during the filling process only natural biodegradable cleaning agents are used.




Inspiration from one of the most beautiful places in the world

Costa Rica - Beaches, rainforests, natural parks and an incredible biodiversity. This impressive, tropical natural wealth has inspired us to develop the brand Love me Green.

The combination of tropical enjoyment of life and a French development know-how enables us to manufacture products that will help you every day to maintain your natural beauty. Our products support the natural balance of your skin and reactivate their regenerative capacity.

It is important to us that we offer genuine natural cosmetics, which acts is effective and is produced in compliance with high ecological standards. Here, modern technology and the beneficial effects of our products are of great importance for us: taking care of skin is at the forefront in Love me Green. Our products meet the highest standards of modern and at the same time natural natural cosmetics.

Organic cosmetics for the senses

Our organic cosmetics take you on an exotic journey into the world of the senses. Here, the smell plays an important role: we use 100 percent natural flavours and fragrances. Let yourself be seduced by exotic scents and   strengthen your skin with extracts of orange, papaya and other exotic plants.

Love me Green guarantees:

  • 100% Natural cosmetics with natural plant ingredients & organic plant extracts and organic oils
  • 100% Guarantee the development and production in France
  • 100% free of isopropyl palmitate
  • 100% free of parabens
  • 100% free of silicones, paraffins & petroleum
  • no animal testing - even in foreign countries
  • ECOCERT greenlife certified and controlled

The Earth - our most precious resource

The bounty of nature is the basis for our high quality products. To us, the condition and future of our planet is as important as you, so we apply our resources with great care.

We deliberately refrain from too much packaging and paper and at the same time, produce everything in an environmentally friendly way. The preservation of nature is of great importance to us.

We are convinced that high quality and environmental friendliness will be successful.

Tropical Secret – made in France.


Love me Green

beyond nature

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